Frequently Asked Questions - E-JOYLOCK

1. 1.1 What is E-JOYLOCK?

E-JOYLOCK is an anti-theft protection for cars equipped with an electronic transmission, called by manufacturers "joystick" or "shift-by-wire". E-JOYLOCK is a gearbox lock that prevents the gear lever from changing position from "P" to "D", "N" or "R", thus protecting your car from theft and unauthorized use. Unlocking take place by connecting the lock to an application on a smartphone or a bluetooth chip.

2. 1.2. How does E-JOYLOCK protect my car against theft?

When it comes to a situation in which a thief or other unwanted person who does not have your phone with the configured application or your unique bluetooth keychain gets into your car and turns on the ignition, then the use of the E-JOYLOCK lock prevents it from changing the position of the gear lever from the position " P ”, so he won't be able to drive away with your car.

3. 1.3. How does E-JOYLOCK work?

E-JOYLOCK activates when you turn the ignition off and lock your car with the key. From this moment the joystick is locked and it is not possible to change the position from "P" to "D", "N" or "R". There are two ways to control the lock and deactivate it:

4. 1.3.1. E-JOYLOCK controlled by smartphone application:

To deactivate the lock it is required to install a dedicated app, protected by an 8-digit PIN, with which the lock connects via bluetooth and unlocks the possibility of changing gears. You only need to run and configure the app once, and then enable it to run in the background so that E-JOYLOCK connects to the application and deactivates automatically each time you start the car.

5. 1.3.2. E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings:

There are two bluetooth key rings included with the E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth chips. E-JOYLOCK is deactivated when it detects the signal emitted by the key ring. All you need is a bluetooth chip with you when you get into the car and the lock automatically deactivates and the car is ready to drive.

6. 1.4. Can I have an E-JOYLOCK lock simultaneously controlled by the app and bluetooth key rings?

No. You should choose one way to control the E-JOYLOCK - by smartphone app or bluetooth key rings.

7. 1.5. Can I install the E-JOYLOCK by myself?

E-JOYLOCK is a technologically advanced product that must be assembled by specialists in the field of mechanics or automotive electronics. Notcie that buying and installing E-JOYLOCK can be done only by authorized representatives of E-JOYLOCK - i.e. authorized Dealerships and authorized representatives. This will ensure safety and correct assembly.

8. 1.6. Does the E-JOYLOCK interfere with the original components of my car?

E-JOYLOCK is a non-invasive system that does not interfere with the original components of your car. The product works in a plug-and-play system, which means that installation is done only by connecting to the original plugs and connectors, without having to cut cables or interfere with other components.

9. 1.7. Will the installation of the E-JOYLOCK affect the warranty on the car?

E-JOYLOCK lock is a safe product for your car because it is completely non-invasive and does not interfere with the original components. The lock is sold and assembled at authorized E-JOYLOCK representatives, including official dealer networks, who ensure that the devices they mount do not affect manufacturer's warranty.

10. 1.8. Do errors appear in the car's on-board computer after installing the E-JOYLOCK?

Installing the E-JOYLOCK does not generate any errors on your car's on-board computer.

11. 1.9. Does installing E-JOYLOCK require cutting or soldering cables in my car?

No, installing the E-JOYLOCK does not require cutting or soldering the original cables or interfering with other components of your car. The E-JOYLOCK is mounted on the original plugs and connectors.

12. 1.10. Can gears be changed by connecting to the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) system?

No, you can't change gears by connecting to OBD when E-JOYLOCK is installed. E-JOYLOCK filters the data sent by the OBD to the gear lever and prevents gear shifting from the "P" position.

13. 1.11. Can the thief intercept the bluetooth signal and deactivate the E-JOYLOCK?

• Interception of the bluetooth signal will not deactivate the lock regarding app controlled E-JOYLOCK. The bluetooth signal is only a form of transmission and connection, however, to deactivate the E-JOYLOCK, authorization of the application is required, which is protected by an 8-digit PIN.

• In the case of E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings, signal capture is unlikely, because the bluetooth key rings are equipped with an accelerometer which causes that after leaving the bluetooth key ring motionless for about 2 minutes, it goes into sleep mode and does not emit bluetooth signal. In addition, the signal in the bluetooth keychain is configured for low range, which means that you can not capture the signal from a distance of more than 3 meters in the open space.

14. 1.12. What should I do when I buy a car with E-JOYLOCK installed?

If you are a buyer of a car in which the E-JOYLOCK was already installed by the previous owner, and you want to be sure that no one except you will know the PIN code for the application or will not have the configured bluetooth key rings - you can visti an authorized representative of E-JOYLOCK which for an additional fee will reset the E-JOYLOCK settings controlled by the application or will equip the E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings with two new, uniquely configured key rings. Thanks to this, you will have confidence and security that no one but you has access to the device.

15. 2.1. Does the application work on my phone?

The E-JOYLOCK app works correctly on all Android or iOS phones.

16. 2.2. Why can't I change the PIN code for E-JOYLOCK?

The PIN code is a form of authorizing access to deactivating E-JOYLOCK. To effectively protect your car against theft, the PIN code must be unique and complicated - so that an unauthorized person is not able to guess the PIN code of your device. Therefore, in order to maximally increase security, each E-JOYLOCK automatically and randomly generates an 8-digit unique PIN code, which is sent to the application during the first connection of the lock with the application.

17. 2.3. Do I have to turn on the application every time I get in the car?

No. The E-JOYLOCK controlled by the application is deactivated automatically every time you get into the car, provided that the application "works in the background" and the bluetooth function is enabled on your phone. It is enough to connect the application once and the E-JOYLOCK deactivates automatically.

18. 2.4. How many phones can I connect to one E-JOYLOCK?

You can connect any number of phones to the E-JOYLOCK. Thanks to this, other authorized persons - e.g. family members - can use your car. It is enough for authorized persons to install the application on their smartphone and type in the unique 8-digit PIN code provided to them by you.

19. 2.5. How do I deactivate the E-JOYLOCK when my phone is off battery or I don't have it with me?

E-JOYLOCK has a manual emergency unlock function. When your phone runs out of power or you don't have it with you, you can unlock the transmission by a sequence of six movements of the joystick. You set the order of your moves in the E-JOYLOCK app. You can change it freely, without restrictions* – *concerned only app controlled E-JOYLOCK.

20. 2.6. How does the E-JOYLOCK connect to the smartphone?

The E-JOYLOCK is based on the bluetooth transmisstion. To enable E-JOYLOCK to connect to your smartphone, you must install the E-JOYLOCK application and enable the bluetooth function on your smartphone.

21. 2.7. What should I do with the E-JOYLOCK cotrolled by the application when I need to have the car repaired in the service?

The E-JOYLOCK is equipped in the "service mode" function which you can activate from the application at any time. This function allows you to permanently deactivate the lock for a specified number of days. You will use this function when you need to leave your car in a garage. The E-JOYLOCK will be activated  when you connect to it again through the application.

22. 2.8. What should I do if I want to borrow a car with an E-JOYLOCK application-controlled installed?

If you want to lend a car to another person, you can use the E-JOYLOCK in several ways. First of all, you can share its unique emergency unlocking sequence. When the car is returned to you, you can change this sequence from the application, so you can be sure that nobody knows your settings. You also have the option of starting the "service mode" function and turning off the lock for a specified number of days. In this case, however, your car will not be protected against theft, because the lock is deactivated.

23. 2.9. What can I find in the original smartphone-controlled E-JOYLOCK box?

The E-JOYLOCK lock is packed in an elegant and product-safe box, in which you can find the application configuration instructions and the warranty card with the device serial number, date of assembly, and the name and stamp of the company installing the lock.

24. 3.1. How does the E-JOYLOCK lock controlled by bluetoot key rings work?

The E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings is activated when the ignition is switched off and the car is closed. The lock is deactivated when it detects a signal from the bluetooth key ring. All you need is a Bluetooth keyring with you when you get into the car and the lock automatically deactivates.

25. 3.2. How many bluetooth keyrings do I get when I buy the device?

Each E-JOYLOCK lock is configured with two unique bluetooth key rings and these two key rings are included in the set.

26. 3.3. What happens if I lose or forget the bluetooth keychain?

When you lose a bluetooth keychain you can use the other one included in set. To get a new key rings you should visit an authorized E-JOYLOCK representative, who will configure a new keychain for you at an additional charge. At the same time, you can use the car, because the E-JOYLOCK lock has the function of manual emergency unlocking, thanks to which you can deactivate the lock by a sequence of six movements of the gear lever. In the case of E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings, the order of the emergency sequence is permanently configured and it is not possible to change it. You get the unique emergency unlocking sequence in a set with the product in a laminated envelope.

27. 3.4. What should I do if I want to borrow a car with E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings?

If you want to lend the car to another user, in the case of E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings you can share one of the two bluetooth key rings. Do not share the emergency unlocking sequence with anyone, because in the case of E-JOYLOCK controlled by bluetooth key rings, it is not possible to change this sequence.

28. 3.5. What can I find in the original E-JOYLOCK bluetooth keyring box?

The E-JOYLOCK is packed in an elegant and product-safe box, in which there are two uniquely configured bluetooth key rings, a laminated envelope with an emergency unlocking sequence, and a warranty card with the device serial number, date of assembly and the name and stamp of the company installing the lock.

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